Presentation by the Power for Life Strength Team.


Power For Life Strength Team has been a valuable tool in the hands of principals and school administrators around the world! Those principals and administrators have commented that the content and presentation of our “Power For Life Strength Team” assemblies has been life changing for their students and faculty! They have seen students, including those “at risk”, plucked off the road to failure and planted onto a road of success. We desire to offer this unique tool for your use.

Power For Life Strength Team is a group of world-class athletes with over 20 collective years of experience speaking in public and private school assembly settings. We combine unique feats of strength with a powerful message of destiny and purpose. The feats of strength are used as a tool to draw and maintain the attention of the students ensuring that our message is not lost. Permit me to alleviate any concern that you may have about our is non-religious and is relevant in subject matter to the age group that we are addressing.

After holding hundreds of school assemblies and talking to countless principals and administrators a common need surfaced. There is a need to bring a message of hope to our children in these extreme times. Today, out children are faced with a wide-range of distractions and pitfalls in achieving their destiny. Students at all grade levels are facing intense peer pressure, unique social, physical, and emotional complexities. The “Power For Life Strength Team” provides students with the means to prevent them from becoming a statistic while reinforcing the positive growth areas that include scholarship and citizenship emphasized by your school staff.

Power For Life Strength Team would like to partner with your efforts by bringing the excitement and enthusiasm to your school of administrators, and their families impacted by strong, practical, and fun-filled message of character education, motivation, inspiration and hope.

Lastly, these are not light and fluffy talks that are nothing but jokes and frivolity. They are powerful eye- opening, 45 to 60 minute exchanges, with feats of strength included, which moves the student’s hearts and
minds to contemplate change and new direction for their lives! all involved!