• If you live outside the Walnut Bend School District area and

    you'd like for your child to be a Pirate, you need follow these steps:


    1. Fill out and turn in a Transfer Application (both new and returning students)

    2. New applications will be vetted by the Superintendent (conduct, grades, attendance, etc.)

    3.  The Superintendent will make transfer recommendations at the next board meeting.

    4.  The School Board will approve/deny transfer applications.  You will be notified with the results

    5.  If approved, you will need to fill out registration packet BEFORE the student can attend classes.


    Currently, all grades are closed except for 7th and 8th grade.

    You are ENCOURAGED to get your child on our wait list as soon as possible.


    Transfer Application 2019 - 2020



    Transfer Application  2018 - 2019


    Transfer Agreement  2018 - 2019


    Fillable Transfer Papers 2018 - 2019