• 2017-2018 school year

    Welcome to Mrs. Gabby’s Class. I am so honored to be here in Walnut Bend teaching ELA –Reading and Texas History. I believe to have a successful year parents and students need to know what they can expect. You also need to know what I expect from my students.

              What can students expect from Mrs. Gabby’s class? Each week ELA students will be responsible for learning 20 vocabulary words. They need to know how to spell them as well as the meanings. Along with vocabulary, students will also learn reading strategies, practice reading thru short stories and reading circles – after reading chosen book a book report will be due. They will also learn grammar, writing, and mechanics. It will be students’ responsibility to study the vocab each night and be ready for a test on Friday. In addition, I will assign “study work” for students to complete each night to aid in their readiness for the vocab test on Friday.

    What I expect from my students is responsibility. Students will have homework. It will be due the next day, unless otherwise noted. If homework is late it is 10 points off for each day that it’s late. I will not accept it beyond 3 days late. On the second offense in a six week period, I will notify parents. I also expect respect from my students. Respect for each other, respect for their school and supplies, and respect for education. I expect my students to try their best on every lesson, on every assignment, everyday. Success is earned!