Holle's Heroes all began when Mrs. Holle started thinking about becoming a teacher. I remember it like it was yesterday, a dear friend was having trouble. So, Mrs. Holle dashed over to help. She then saw a light bulb go off.k  Mrs. Holle realized she needed to get an education to start helping others. She went to UNT and got her bachelor's degree.
    But that was not the end for our young hero (AKA... Mrs. Holle). She got married 6 years ago. John is now 3 and he has a sister, Jennifer, who is almost two. Mrs. Holle got a job at the wonderful school of pirates, Walnut Bend.
    Mrs. Holle found her super power. It is teaching! But now she is asking each of her students to find their super power and become what they were meant to be... a good reader, a scientist, a teacher, a historian, and anything else your heart desires.