• Breakfast
    Students are allowed to be on campus as early as 7:20 in the morning to eat breakfast in the cafeteria.When students arrive to school before 7:50, they will wait quietly in the cafeteria where a teacher is on duty.  At 7:50, teachers will pick up thier students in the hall.
    If your child arrives late they will be marked as tardy.  Three tardies equals one absence.
    It is very important that your child is not late to school. Also, parents please leave enough time for your child to eat breakfast and use the restroom before class begins. Students need enough time to wait in line to receive their breakfast, as well as have enough time to eat.

    Homework Policy        

    Homework is ...

    Any class work not finished during the school day or an extension of concepts learned in class. This is an opportunity for students to reinforce the skills we are working on in class. Homework must be completed and turned in the following day unless stated otherwise, in addition to any additional homework assignments.

    Please continue to work on sight word folders and read the AR books.

    Classroom Rules

    I believe students thrive on positive recognition and praise. We work hard to create an environment of friendship and respect.  Students learn that life is about choices and they are expected to make a good choice with their actions.

    The year will begin with clear expectations and they will know what is expected in our classroom. An effective classroom teaches each child personal responsibility. Our class rules focus on the positive side of discipline by providing lots of praise, encouragement, positive reinforcement, and rewards while incorporating natural and logical consequences.

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