Dear family,
             I have enjoyed the first semester with your child.  Now we launch into the semester when there are serious tests in Language/writing, Math, and Reading.
              Our pretest schedule is as follows:
    Feb. 21:  Language/writing for 4th grade
    Feb. 28:  Reading for both grades
    Mar. 7:   Math for both grades
    These pretests are important because they help teach the students how to test, and show them what kinds of questions are asked. 
              Please also mark your calendars for the STAAR  tests this spring.  They are:
    April 10:  4th graders take the Language/writing test
    May 14:  3rd and 4th graders take their Math tests
    May 15:  both grades take their Reading tests 
              Please continue to help with reading and learning multiplication facts at home.    
                                                                                                                 Mrs. Martin