Dear family,
             I have enjoyed the first 6 weeks with your child!  Here are some important up-coming dates.
    Report cards go home Oct. 4 with an awards assembly this Friday, Oct. 6, around 3 pm.Then progress reports go home again Oct. 25.  So you can see how fast the 6 weeks are moving.  We are trying to learn much in many areas.
             Now, we have a fun Fall Festival on Oct. 28, which means school releases early on the 27th.  Our class is sponsoring an ART class basket to be raffled off the night of the 28th.  Please send markers, paint brushes, or any art related item possible.  I have several donated items, but would appreciate help.  Thanks.
             On Halloween, we have an afternoon party starting at 2:40.  We would appreciate light refreshments.  If you cannot send something this time, then perhaps at Christmas or Valentine's Day.  Those are the 3 parties in third and fourth grades.
              Remember, we read in our library books Monday-Thursday nights.  Also, I'm asking students to study spelling words each week.
               I appreciate your support, and enjoy working with your child!   
                                                                                                                 Mrs. Martin