Walnut Bend ISD

Dear family,
         This is the beginning of the 5th 6 weeks.  We have recently completed our second round of STAAR pretests.  I am sending them home after the children and I discuss them.  Can you please look at them with your child?
              At this time of year, I always share the testing schedule with the children.  So, this year's schedule is:
4th grade writing STAAR test:  Tuesday, March 28
3rd and 4th grades STAAR math:  Monday, May 8
3rd and 4th grades STAAR reading:  Tuesday, May 9 
     We read daily and discuss what we read.  Please have your child continue to read for 20 minutes or more Monday-Thursday.  Also, remember your child needs to continue studying multiplication facts through 12X12.
               We are currently studying food chains and food webs, measurement, run on sentences and sentence fragments, and media literacy.  
       I am enjoying working with your child.
                                                                                                             Mrs. Martin